ForestWander Winner of JPG Magazine contest

ForestWander was recently voted as winner of the JPG Magazine contest Best of Photo Challenge: My Favorite Camera Feature.

The winning photo was
Loooong Exposure Magical Waterfalls

ForestWander comments about the photo

My favorite feature of my SLR camera is taking loooong exposure water pictures.
I always wondered how photographers made the water look so smoooth and once I learned how, it became my passion to hike and find waterfalls and streams to get scenic long exposures.
These are Elakala waterfalls found in Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia. I come here often and find different perspectives each time. This shot was at F/22 and 25 seconds.

You can read the blog post on JPG Magazine’s website here

Troy and Rusty, the ForestWander photography team are very excited about winning this contest.

The winners of this contest will win a Sony 200k Digital SLR along with $100 to spend at!

So this will continue to add to ForestWander’s ability to provide free nature photography to our diverse group of visitors.

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