2 Minutes could Save the North Fork Mountain Trail

One of the most pristine wilderness areas in West Virginia. The North Fork Mountain trail is a wonderful area with 24 miles of hiking trail and wilderness that is virtually undisturbed.

You can help to protect the NFMT by signing this petition from the Wilderness Society.

Please help us to take action if you live in West Virginia.

For those of you who frequent ForestWander you are well aware that a lot of my photography is from this area.

Please help to protect one of our states most beautiful areas.

Visit below to sing the petition I have been a member of the Wilderness Society for some time and they are a legitimate organization.

Protect 6,042 acres of North Fork Mountain

This is an excerpt from the message you can send through the petition, it will only take a minute or two.

“The Monongahela Conservation Legacy Act, H.R. 5965, would protect 6,042 acres of North Fork Mountain, along with its outstanding recreation, habitat for many rare plant and animal species and economic benefits for local communities.

The bill proposal to protect North Fork Mountain has been supported by thousands of citizens as well as local elected officials, businesses, sportsmen’s organizations, and conservation organizations.

The U.S. Forest Service gave the North Fork Mountain area its highest rating for “natural integrity” and it is truly spectacular. The majority of the area has been managed as non-motorized backcountry for the past 24 years and has grown even wilder since the USFS’ initial evaluation.

The vegetation in the proposed North Fork Wilderness area is mainly hardwoods along with Mountain Laurel, Flame Azalea and Wintergreen. Fern beds and an abundance of wildflowers are found in the area. It also provides habitat for several rare plant species including Butternut and Smoke Hole Bergamot.

Wildlife in the proposed wilderness includes deer, turkey, bear, Brook Trout and peregrine falcons.”

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